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A truly fun book
on Science and
Programming !

How does a computer play Chess? How can you create a space game using the laws of Gravity? Build a maze and find a way out? A language translator? Throw a dice and calculate the digits of Pi?

Yes, that’s right. You will achieve all of the above. You will play with and modify small computer programs packed with good ideas!

Read the book and meet three new friends. Sarah, Mike and Liliane will travel with you through the gates of Science.…

This book is great for teenagers (grade six and above), students, parents and teachers. It's a perfect gift for anyone with a curious mind! No programming experience is required. Really none.

Choose the eBook version if you'd like to read from your computer. The eBook is a regular PDF file without copyright locks. You can make backup copies in case your computer crashes e.g. to your USB key! The eBook format is great value and you get it right away. Do you want to be sure that your computer can read it? Try out the first twenty two pages for free. Then get the whole eBook for $3.99. Get your ticket for science now - for barely the cost of a movie ticket!

What readers say

"Very interesting book. Hope this book will be introduced to students and teachers in my country [Japan]". (Osamu Akimatsu)
"If you want ... to introduce your kid to programming, this is an excellent first book. ... Chris teaches through great example projects step by step. The examples are non trivial ones but he patiently builds them showing how a professional programmer thinks and breaks down a problem into small parts and synthesizes a solution. Machine translation example, vector imaging are among my most favorite ones. I have been programming since 88 and java since hotjava browser came along in 95 and i learnt many things from his elegant thought process. The focus is on how a problem solver thinks about the problem and builds a solution, that is invaluable. ... This one [book] is wider in scope, simpler in style and more joyful to read. So first read this and write the code and then move on. I like the non greedy pricing, and the book is a no-brainer buy for the price. Java is still commercially sought after language and do yourself and your kids a favor by getting this book. Well done chris for taking time to write this great book for the next generation. And write more please." (Ravi Annaswamy)
"I must admit, this is a very interesting book for education." (David Mushroomer)

About the book's methodology

The book follows two simple precepts to interest teenagers in science.

  1. Explore the unknown science behind something we use in our everyday's life
  2. Transform small computer programs to do practical and fun scientific experiments
Science is fun when we discover how scientists lived and invented new things. We can talk about complicated inventions and ideas without being afraid we won't understand. It's hard to have good new ideas... But it is so fascinating. Today, with your computer you can experiment by yourself.
Computer programs are modified through elementary steps identified with simple pictures. E.g. 'Remove lines 12 to 15'. 'Execute the program again'. 'Insert the following 3 lines after line 5'.

About the author

My name is Chrix and I would like you to have fun with science and computers. I am a software engineer at the IBM Ottawa Lab, doing cool computer programs like Eclipse and Jazz. I was a volunteer at the EX.I.T.E science summer camp, animating the computer activity. I wanted to write the book "Fun Science With Your Computer" for many years. I decided to organize the materials I had accumulated and I worked evenings and week-ends to publish it for and before the birth of our baby, Alex. I am naive enough to think Alex will learn about science and programming with the help of this book in the future. The same way I hope you, your children, or your students, will do too.
My full name is Christophe Cornu. The developers I work with nicknamed me Chrix and that's a lot easier that way.

Download book programs

How to run the programs with the free Java Development Kit

How to run the programs with the free Eclipse Java IDE

Activity 1 - Pseudo Random

Activity 2 - Monte Carlo

Activity 3 - Random Walk

Activity 4 - Translator

Activity 5 - Launcher

Activity 6 - Path Finder

Activity 7 - Slow or Fast

Activity 8 - Space Simulation

Activity 9 - Web Browser

Activity 10 - Vector Graphics

Activity 11 - Chess

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